Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weight Loss Plan For Kids

A Weight Loss Plan for Kids Starts with Parents.

There are many reasons why your child is overweight, but one of the most common is that you as a parent are overweight probably because of your lifestyle. You do not apply healthy eating habits or promote exercise in your home.

Another contributory factor which undermines a weight loss plan for kids is the well planned and greedy media onslaught which actively undermines the health of your kids by coercing them into gorging themselves on junk food, sweets, chocolates, sodas and more.

So how do we bring up healthy vibrant well nourished children in the face of these overwhelming odds?

A doctor, dietitian and nutritionist's weight loss plan for kids will advise diet and exercise, no argument there.

They will ban the consumption of fast food, snacks between meals, sodas entirely.

Can you imagine your kids at the mall mixing with their friends while chewing on carrot sticks and drinking water?

OK - Eat Healthier, Exercise More is essentially exactly what everybody should be striving to do...Wow! What a healthy nation?

Firstly, any weight loss plan for kids starts with you the Parent.

By far the most important aspect of helping an overweight child is to be a good role model. Your relationship with your child should be that they would want to copy your good habits.

Of course if you and/or your spouse are overweight yourselves, both you and your child have a problem. The solution here is that if you care about your child's health and future you will alter your unhealthy lifestyle and convince your child to take the ride to a healthier lifestyle with you.

The internet is packed with ideas, recipes, tips etc. on ways to encourage your kid to lose weight and you should use this resource. Be circumspect, you will find some hair-raising information as well.

Here are a few basic pointers to a weight loss plan for kids for you to expand on.

Talk about the reasons why your child is overweight.

Discuss and convince your child of the long term consequences of being overweight.

Get your kid's input when discussing how to change their eating and exercise habits. Do not talk down to your child.

Use image and self esteem - what is in it for them.

Write it down, keep records.

Make both eating and exercising fun, be creative.

Choose food wisely, when shopping read the labels. There are plenty nutritious, enjoyable foods to include in a weight loss plan for kids.

Con them, disguise certain foods, get creative.

Set goals, small achievable goals to start with and stretching them as the motivation becomes stronger.

Recognize and reward achievements immediately.

Use professional assistance if and when necessary.

Use sport, join a team of peers or even better play with your child, tennis, golf, there are many active sports that parents can enjoy with their children.

Motivate, motivate, motivate, never criticize or be negative.

Eat at the table as a family; you will be surprised at the many positives that will emerge from this small but significant family activity.

Encourage your child to accept responsibility for a dog to take for walks, play with in the garden with.

Get creative.

I reiterate you must take responsibility for your child's health. Applying this weight loss plan for kids patiently and diligently will ensure your child's healthy future. Because you love them!

We need all the help we can get when dealing with overweight kids!

By: Edwin Lange
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