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Does Cabbage Soup Diet Help You To Loss Weight

If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time, you may have come across the Cabbage Soup Diet. This easy to follow diet is a radical weight loss diet which claims that the more low-calorie cabbage soup you take over a period of 7 days, the more weight you will lose. In fact, this diet claims that you will see drastic weight loss of about 10 pounds within 7 days.

As this diet is designed for short-term weight loss and requires no long-term commitment, it is little wonder that it has become one of the most popular diet around. Another reason for its popularity is that with cabbage, which has negligible calorie, as the main ingredient of this fat burning soup, you need not worry about spending too much money on it or gaining weight.

So Does This Diet Work?
This do-it-yourself diet claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds within a week. While that may be true, nutritional experts have pointed out that the weight loss is mainly due to water loss and not fat. They noted that it is quite impossible to lose that much fat within a week. Another point to note is that the loss of weight from this diet is temporary and hence you will probably gain back your weight soon after that.

Another point to note is that the original Cabbage Soup Diet tastes bland, hence many recipes for this diet has high salt content to make it palatable. For people who are not able to take such high sodium content, they should stay away from this diet. Dieters should should realise that there is practically no protein from this diet. As a result, people have reported feeling weak and light-headed during the course of the diet. One common reported side effect that result from the diet is flatulence. Hence, you should be prepared should you take up this diet. Of course, it is always advisable for you to consult your doctor before following this diet.

The fact is that Cabbage Soup Diet, although is a low-fat and high-fiber diet, is not a nutritionally balanced plan nor can it bring about permanent weight loss. With the emphasis on cabbage as a main ingredient, the diet lacks certain important vitamins and minerals. To follow this diet, you must also be prepared for the monotonous meals.

Personally I believe that this diet can be counter productive. Since the diet would force your body to go into slower metabolism, it would then encourage your body to hold on to your fat reserves. In the end, you may only be delaying your weight loss plan.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

General Guidelines for Fast Weight Loss

It is not easy to lose weight quickly. For a fast weight loss you must be extremely motivated and focused on your program. Rapid loss of weight is recommended for those people who have been suffering from obesity for an extended period of time. If they don't consider losing weight then they might develop disorders like high blood sugar, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Many obese people are already suffering from these disorders. Many people in the more developed countries face the problem of obesity due to their lifestyles and should immediately consider losing weight their health.

Many people would like to lose weight quickly but they lack the motivation to do so. Many people also opt for starving themselves in order to lose weight more quickly. But starving oneself is not necessarily the best way to achieve rapid weight loss. This is because people who manage to lose weight after starving themselves often gain the weight back again. The secret to fast weight loss is a proper combination of diet and exercise.

If your goal is to lose weight fast, you should avoid fatty and oily foods. Also eat foods that are low in carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates more readily convert to fat and hinder your fast weight loss program. But a few carbohydrates are necessary as they provide the energy that the body needs for mental and physical activity. You can also focus on eating more salads and vegetables for fast weight loss. You can choose from the hundreds recipes for salad dressings from your dietician or from other sources like the internet and magazines.

In terms of exercise, you can start with light cardiovascular exercises. You can also take up running, walking, cycling and climbing. These exercises will burn the excess fat in your body and keep you fit and healthy. In fact you will feel a lot more confident once you start achieving your weight loss and people start complimenting you on your new body.

The most important thing that I would like to mention again is to stay motivated. Some people start off very motivated for a fast weight loss program but soon lose interest and are back to their old ways. Remember weight cannot be lost in a day but it can be accelerated by your persistent efforts and commitment. Remember, it can take weeks to months to lose weight.

Also, any program that involves rapidly losing weight should be monitored by a doctor. It is important to consult a physician before starting your program.

By : Scott Fromherz
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